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Hi Reddie Friends,

We just returned from a week at our factory in Central Java. We have a great team of craftsmen that works passionately behind the scenes. So we thought they deserved a little recognition and a newsletter :-)

A little bit of background on how I ended up meeting this talented team. When I first started looking for a factory, I had many many.....many many rejections, as most factories prefer to mass produce one design. To them, our customisation model where each item was made to order, and customisable over 1000 unique ways was a production nightmare. Each meeting ended with  "you are crazy", "good idea, but no one will ever agree to manufacture this", "this is too hard" and the phrases go on. One year of searching and I almost gave up, until I went to Central Java, Indonesia and met Pak Catur and his team.
Pak Catur was a talented furniture manufacturer that had just opened his hand-made woodworking and metal factory and was open to trying something new. I speak broken Indonesian, and Pak Catur doesn't speak English, so you can imagine how comical our first meeting was. We did a lot of pointing, nodding, sketching and laughing to communicate with each other. But luckily we managed to agree to give this concept a shot, and the rest is history.  I always joke with him that he probably told me NO, but I couldn't understand him, and these past 3 years he was too nice to tell me to go away. (hopefully not!)

 We consider ourselves lucky to have found such a talented team who we can truly say are apart of the Reddie family. Without further ado, we would like to introduce you to our main players.  


Caroline Olah

 The rice paddies that surround this manufacturing town in Central Java. #nofilter

The beginning prototype stage with the Vinny credenza unit.



PAK CATUR (Factory Manager  Maestro)
Our main man. He is an Engineering graduate, with a passion for woodworking and metal work. He is a perfectionist at difficult metal and wood working. A Dad of 2 gorgeous girls, he is Javanese born and bread.

(Quality Control & Engineer Extraordinaire)
Pak Gatot is our Engineer and quality control manager, he is the one that makes sure our products stand up, are safe, and are made to last a lifetime. He also loves to take a serious photo....we tried to get him to smile, but he said it wouldn't look professional.  Love his commitment to the job.
(Marble Masters)
An unstoppable husband and wife team that LOVE marble. They meticulously select the best pieces and cut and polish our marble to perfection. Recently we were looking for a  small batch of rare black marble (picture below). They traveled across the country to find it, and bought out the entire store so we could pick the very best pieces!
FYI Pak Janji also wanted to 
apologise for not wearing a shirt in this photo, it was very hot!
(Leather Master)
Don't be fooled by the smile, Pak Nano is difficult. We say that with the utmost affection, as his perfectionism is out of this world. When we approach him with a new design, we find ourselves in a heated debate for over an hour about how the leather is to be integrated. Never settling for ordinary, he wants to make sure that the details used are executed with precision. He brings a level of lost traditional craftsmanship to our leather details.

(Wood King)
Pak Yono is an artist. He is a genius at wood working, a craft passed down to him from generations. With music playing in the background of his wood shop he approaches making each piece like an artwork. When coming up with a new design, we collaborate closely with him come up with interesting details and features. 
Visit us at to see more of their creations.




2016 was a great first year with Reddie. With both a pop-up in Hong Kong and Sydney it was the most eventful year I have experienced to date. From working in the factory in rural Indonesia, to jumping on a delivery truck and meeting customers, I never quite imagined how hard and at the same time rewarding building a business can be. There have been tears and triumphs, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

My husband Andrew made the leap and joined our team, leaving his 10 year career at Google. This decision is a double edged sword, as it's necessary for REDDIE to continue to grow, but having both of us in the biz certainly adds an extra pressure that was not there before! Also working with your life partner does takes a bit of getting used to! So going against advice from our loved ones, we have plunged head first into the exciting world of furniture manufacturing and design.

We have so many crazy stories from this big adventure, which we will be sharing each month on this blog, so stay tuned. 

Happy Year of the Rooster!

x Caroline Olah


Our Hong Kong Pop Up at PMQ

Our Sydney Pop Up