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Reddie is not machine made. Each piece is carefully crafted, and made by hand, giving each piece its own character. We pride ourselves on each piece looking natural, further enhancing the uniqueness.

Natural Teak Wood

White Washed Teak

Black Stained Teak

Natural Sungkai Wood


Metal-White Semi Gloss

Metal-Black Semi Gloss

Metal-Red Gloss

Metal-Yellow Gloss

Metal-Blue Gloss


Carrara Marble Honed

Black Marble Polished 



Each of our pieces are handmade in our factory in Central Java, Indonesia. As each item is handmade using traditional processes, each piece will be completely individual. Please allow up to 1cm tolerance with all our products.


We use certified solid teak wood that is harvested legally (SVLK Certified). Our solid teak is harvested close to our factory in Central Java, and is authentic to the region. We use a PU and NC clear finish, so the natural wood will show. As teak is natural each piece can vary in colour and grain. We cannot guarantee each piece will be the same colour, much like how 2 people will never be identical. 

Solid wood can expand and contract in response to temperature changes. Small cracks may occur and are a normal part of the characteristics of the wood. Please avoid placing your furniture outside, in direct sunlight, or directly underneath any air-conditioning vents or heaters.

If you do experience any cracking, please use a cement wood filler. Carefully fill the cracks with the product, wiping any excess, then once dry you can stain the filled area with a teak coloured stain.Be sure to follow the used product instructions carefully.


*If the item is too hot to hold in your hand, it is too hot to place on the timber. Please use a coaster or plate before placing hot items.

*It is recommended to wipe spills immediately.

*Wash with soft cloth and water. If you use a detergent it needs to be non-corrosive, and suitable for cleaning wood.

*Wipe off all excess water immediately.

*Do not leave wood in direct sunlight, as this can change the colour.





We import our marbles from Europe, we offer a black veined polished marble, and a honed (not polished) white Cararra marble.

As each piece is natural, it will vary in colour and grain. We can not control the pattern that appears on each piece, as each piece is completely unique.

Marble is a natural product, so you may see some light surface cracks and on our white marble some white calcium marks. This is natural to the grain of the marble and is not considered a defect. 

We do not apply any sealers to our marbles, as we like to leave our products in their natural state. You can apply a sealer if you would like further protection over time. Please consult a specialist to make the application.


*As marble is porous, spills should be wiped away immediately.

*Wash with soft cloth and water. If you use a detergent it needs to be non-corrosive, and suitable for cleaning marble.

*Rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove any remaining liquid.

*Dry with a soft clean cloth immediately to remove all excess water. 

*Any excess water left on the surface can stain, and cause the polish to wear off.



Our metal is welded and moulded by hand. We do not use any machines to make our metal products. Because of this, you may see some handmade lumps and bumps on the surface. This is not a defect but a characteristic of our handmade product.

All our metals are powder coated, which is a dry finishing process where the metal paint is oven baked onto the metal.  We have 5 standard colours to choose from (black, white, red, blue, yellow).  Non-standard colour options are also available (surcharge applies).


*Wipe with a soft cloth and light detergent that is non-corrosive.

*Wipe of all excess water immediately.

*Dust often.


We upholster our seating in the Maharam Mode Range fabric range. If you would like an alternative fabric colour from the range, please email us with your request. Additional surcharge/time frame may apply.


We use thick hide leather and Italian leather, which will naturally stretch and age over time.


*Dust leather furniture on a regular basis to help the leather breathe & last longer.

*Do not clean leather with water as this may leave marks.

*Use a quality leather cleaner, carefully following the instructions on the cleaning product.

*If unsure- test the product on a small area hidden from view.




Our products are made for indoor use only. If you would like any of our items made for outdoor, please email